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NEW! You can use this site now also to calculate function derivatives More information...

Key Features:

  • Free online graph and function plotter
  • Multiple functions per plot
  • Easy to use
  • Export feature to many formats (PDF, png, jpg...)
  • Handsome WYSIWYG formula editor
  • You can enter your mathematical functions without struggeling with the syntax
  • 3D Plots of explicit functions
  • 3D Plots of implicit functions
2D plot Instructions:
  • Basics: It has never been that easy to plot graphs online. Just press edit and a prompt for entering the expression you want to plot will appear. Enter your function and press plot. Here you go! The plot of your graph shows up immediately. To plot an additional graph press + and then repeat the steps from above. The new graph will be added to your existing plot. If you want to remove a graph from your plot just press - to delete it. Each new graph will be drawn in a new color. The colors are chosen automatically at the moment.
  • Parametric plots:In the promt you can also choose to plot a parameric function `x(s)=s, y(s)=s^2` by clicking 'Parametric function' right at the top of the prompt. Important: The parameter has to be called 's'.
  • Fine tuning: You have various possibilities to improve your result. In Axis properties you can set the X-range and the Y-range for your plot. Furthermore you can choose a logarithmic scale here and activate or deactivate grid lines. In General properties you can set the height and width of your plot in pixels. Furthermore you can set a custom title for your plot. In Graph properties You can define the type of your graph (e.g. curve, points, bars etc.).
  • Export it: You can export your plots using the export section at the top of the page. At the moment the formats PDF, SVG, PNG and JPG are available.
3 D plot instructions:

Yes, you can plot 3D functions here in a very comfortable and easy way. To get started choose '3D Plot' in the main menu. A demo plot will appear at once. You now have two possibilities to enter the function you want to plot:

  • Implicit function: If you want to plot an implicit function of the variables x, y and z you may enter it like follows: `z=x+y` or `3=x^2+y^2+z^2 ` or `z=1`. The position of the equal sign does not matter.
  • Explicit function: You can enter the function you want to plot also explicit as `f(x,y)=x^2+y^2`. Important: In that case the expression you have to enter in the formula editor is only `x^2+y^2`

Note:There will be the same input for explicit and implicit functions. Implicit functions are detected automatically by the equal sign

  • Axis range: It is possible to set the axis range of your 3D plot independently for the x-, y- and z-axis.
  • Rotate the plot: You can change the angles under which your plot is seen using the buttons provided next to the input for the axis range.
  • Export:To export your 3D plot you can proceed as described above.

My plot is empty and does not contain any graphs - what did I do wrong?

Don't panik and check the syntax of your input. Most probably you made some inconsitent input like `z=^+`. If predefined functions are multiplied an explicit dot is needed in between like `cos(x)*sin(x)` and not `cos(x)sin(x)`.

The terms of service

This service is available for free in the hope that it will be useful. It can be used by everybody to plot his graphs online. The plots can be exported on downloaded free of charge. Plots created by this service can be redistributed. However, there is no warrenty of any kind for the service provided by this website. Furthermore there is no warrenty for the correctness of the plots which are produced.

If you have any further questions or suggestions feel free to contact !