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You ever wondered how to plot a graph? Well, you just can do it here online. It is fast and easy. Just enter the expression you want to plot in the input and press "plot". The function variable has to be "x". The resulting graph will show up instantaneously. You can adjust the parameters of your plot then easily below. Everything happens in realtime. Feel free to play around a little bit.
For the moment the project has still alpha status. It is already working for basic 1-dimensional graphs. More complex features like a way to plot parameterized functions, 3D plots and much more will follow soon.

Key features:

Why online grahping has never been that self-explaining:

Plotting a graph can be very fast and easy when you do so online. What you need to do is just to enter the expression you need to be done in the input box and then press plot. Once this is done, the result for your needed graph will come up instantly but make sure the variable you use for your function is “x”. You can now make adjustments to your plot to suit your taste. You will be pleased to find out that this is usually done in no time. Although it’s just in its beginning state, functions like 3D plots, parameterized plots and the rest of them will soon be available.

The website will contain features like: One plot containing more than one graph. Once you are on this function, you can add and remove graphs on your plot without losing the graph that has been previously entered. This gives you enough time to play and test your hands on other stuff. Every new graph you open is being displayed on a new color instantly. There is also the formula editor that makes you get result without struggling with the mathematical phrase structure. It allows you to choose from different functions and symbols. Parameterized functions can make you plot graphs on parameterized functions. You can also use the exporting feature to export any preferred format on your plot. There are four formats available on the website so you can have fun doing your research.
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