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Which functions can I plot here?

You can use this tool to plot the graphs of functions depending on one variable. The function variable has to be x!

A polynomic function you can enter like this: 2.5*x^2+3*x-5
A gaussian distribution with standard deviation 2 looks like this: 1/(2*sqrt(2*pi))*exp(-1/2*((x-5)/2)^2)

The following functions are already pre-defined:

sin sine function
cos cosine function
tan tangens function
asin arcus sine function
acos arcus cosine function
atan arcus tangens function
sinh hyperbolic sine function
cosh hyperbolic cosine
tanh hyperbolic tangens function
asinh hyperbolic arcus sine function
acosh hyperbolic arcus tangens function
atanh hyperbolic arcur tangens function
log2 logarithm to the base 2
log10 logarithm to the base 10
log logarithm to the base 10
ln logarithm to base e (2.71828...)
exp e raised to the power of x
sqrt square root of a value
sign sign function -1 if x<0; 1 if x>0
rint round to nearest integer
abs absolute value

The input can be done using our WYSWYG formula editor. Therefore you do not have to care about correct syntax.

Are there any pre-defined constants?

At the moment the following constants are pre-defined:

pi 3.1415...
e 2.7182...


Can I add more than one graph to my plot?

For the moment it is not possible to add more than one graph to a plot. However, this feature will be implemented soon.


Can I add more than one graph to my plot?

If you want to store your plot it is recommended to make a screenshot of the page. It will be possible to export your plots soon. The feature has not yet been implemented.

How can I define the x-range I want to plot?

Just go to the section "Axis properties" at the bottom of the page to define the x-range for your graph.

Why can I not download my graphs?

The export feature works only properly with modern browsers. If your download does not work or the plot is exported incompletely we recommend you to take a screenhost instead. You can create a screenshot easily by pressing the "Print" key at your keyboard.

What formats can you export the plots?

The standard format which is used to export the plots to is the PDF format. In case you want other formats like Epub (see link for comparision) you could use a decent converter.

Further useful tools:
PDF to Word | Doc to PDF | PDF to image

I want to merge different PDFs?

We do not offer such a service ourselves. However you can use the following smart online tool to merge your output PDFs. Simply use combine PDF in order combine different PDF files you downloaded here.

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