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This periodicity test will tell you if the data set you uploaded contains a peroidicty applying a so called Lomb-Scargle periodicity test. The normalized Lomb-Scargle power calculated here will tell you how significant the periodicity is (if present). The result will look like the following plot:
In general one can say: The higher a peak is encountered the more likley the data contains a periodicity. Be aware that the significance you obtain depends on the numer of frequencies you scan in your test since the Lomb-Scargle power follows a exponential distribution.
There are two ways to use this test. Either you upload a simple text file containing the data you want to check for periodicity or you enter the value pairs direclty in the form below. The data has to be submitted in a two column layout: The first column has to be the independent variable (X), the second colum the second column the dependent variable (Y):



Be aware that making the binning too fine will have negative affects on the statistical significance of your test resutlt.
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